Operations & Finance Management

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Operations & Finance Management

  • Nadia Patel Gangjee
  • 545 Students
  • 10 Lessons /1 Quizes
In this course, participants will learn about systems and processes required for operating a business and how finances are managed in new business

Course Description

This intermediate level course will help in learning the basics of managing operations and finances for your new venture.  

Course Audience

The course is designed for creative people who want to learn about Operations and Finance Management for their startups. 


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Learning Objectives/Outcomes

By the end of this course, the learner will be expert enough to know how to handle the operations of their startups, importance of good teams and what should be their finance management strategy.

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Additional Details

  • Beginner
  • 2 Weeks
  • 30 points
Course Curriculum

Module 1 - Introduction to Operations & Finance Management

1 Lessons / 0 Quizes
Introduction to Operations & Finance Management 20 points

Module 2 - Business Operations

3 Lessons / 0 Quizes
Business Operations’ Elements 20 points
Operations Management 5 points
Importance of operations management in a new venture 5 points

Module 3 - Hiring and Building a Team

3 Lessons / 0 Quizes
The concept of Human Resource 5 points
Importance of Good Teams 10 points
Onboarding of Team Members and Managing Payrolls 10 points

Module 4 - Finance - Managing Day-to-Day Accounts

3 Lessons / 1 Quizes
Finance Management 20 points
Handling finances in a new venture 10 points
Financial Management Strategy in a new venture 10 points
Final Quiz - Operations & Finance Management 20 points 60m
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