What is FEMPROW?

FEMPROW is a social initiative to help advance women’s professional growth and economic empowerment through offline and online entrepreneurship education, support and capacity building. It is supported by Facebook Community Leadership Program.

Based on our founder’s experience mentoring and guiding many aspiring and budding women entrepreneurs to start and scale their businesses over the last few years, she felt a pressing need for an initiative focused on localized entrepreneurship education, trainings and capacity building, customized for women. And hence the creation of Femprow, a social enterprise, empowering females to grow professionally and economically.

Founder’s Story

A therapeutic tutor and marketing professional turned tech entrepreneur, Nadia is a strong advocate of women empowerment and has led initiatives to train stay-at-home women to monetize their talents, increasing digital and financial inclusion of women in the entrepreneurial space. She founded Pakistan’s first online marketplace for women, in 2015, facilitating thousands of home-based women entrepreneurs to grow and expand their businesses leveraging technology; solving a big problem common to conservative economies, where women are unable to pursue a full-time career due to family and societal pressures.

During the course of this period working closely with women, personally guiding and mentoring hundreds of aspiring and budding entrepreneurs, Nadia felt a pressing need for an initiative focused on localized entrepreneurship education, training’s and capacity building customized for women in Pakistan.

In 2018, Nadia was selected as a Fellow for Facebook Community Leadership Program, as part of which Facebook selected 115 community leaders from 46 countries with a strong, clear and committed vision for their communities to train, support and fund them to advance their social positive impact.

What We Offer

Meet Our Team

Nadia Patel Gangjee
Nadia Patel GangjeeFounder
Sarah Hanif
Sarah HanifProject Coordinator