Nazia doesn’t know the meaning of losing hope and we applaud her for all her efforts she did to give a better life to her family. Nazia was completing her ACCA but had to leave her studies right after the death of her father, because she had to become the breadwinner for her family. There was no one else who could take that responsibility. Due to no experience, Nazia was not able to find a good job, and to meet ends Nazia had to do three jobs.

From 7:30am-10: 30 pm Nazia robotically worked to provide a good life for her family. For some life is full of surprises but to Nazia, it was full of struggles and nightmares, that too one after another. She met with an accident which resulted in a broken leg and had to give up her job. Doctors advised Nazia not to work for at least 6 months, but life does not come easy, as they were dealing with the financial crisis Nazia had to work.

After 2 months Nazia stood with courage bearing all the pain left for work. She lost everything and losing everything became her biggest motivation. Nazia worked day and night for 4 years straight, her extreme efforts made it possible for her family to live an adequate life. Her life became even more chaotic after her marriage, as now she had two daughters to care for as well. 11 months apart, her daughters were a handful.

One day while doing some cleaning Nazia found her old ACCA books which motivated her to start studying again. As soon as she opened her books, she realized that she does not remember anything. She tried to remember the years but all in vain. She didn’t remember who her friends were or what she studied. She didn’t remember the old times.

To cope up with depression, Nazia started to write as she was interested in literature and that writing served as a soothing treatment for her. Later in 2012, Nazia was going through her phone and saw buying and selling activities on a group and felt the spark of doing something. Upon discussing it with her husband she started selling fitness products. While shifting her house in 2014, Nazia found a carton of novels and decided to sell it online.

That changed her life. She got a very good response and people started to ask her about more books and recommendations about what to read. That’s how the journey of BOOKBEE started. Three years ago after getting a good response, Nazia started her own community and now has around 80,000 customers from all over Pakistan. She provides books of all genres, test preparation books, and kid books too. She provides free and fast delivery.

BOOKBEE has changed Nazia’s identity and has created a platform for new writers where they publish their work. Pakistan’s bloggers, writers, readers, and poets help young writers to come out of their shells and write. Nazia did her fiesta in 2018 which turned out to be a huge success. Nazia is also planning for an open mic show which will give a chance for the writers to narrate their stories with the audience.

The community of 12,000 readers and writers is doing an exceptional job. Nazia is also planning for workshops and corporate training which will help the emerging writers to write professionally. The girl who thought that she can’t do anything is now on a successful path of becoming an author. Her debut novel ‘DIL LAGI’ is going to be published soon.

Nazia is a example of a beautiful phoenix, who was born again from her ashes and turned in a beautiful magical bird that is hope and light for thousands of women around her. Her story is full of horrors but she turned the tables of fate and took charge of her own story, and gave it a happy ending.