Why is it so difficult for a woman to sustain in a professional environment? Why can’t she have all the power in the world to say what she thinks out loud? There are dozens of people out there, repeatedly criticizing and suppressing women. Why can’t she live her life with her terms? Being a woman, you will always be surrounded by so many why’s and having to deal with it every passing second. However, it can be taken as a dilemma of our society that we need to fight for every idea that we have in our minds. Isn’t it unfair? How can we turn all the why’s in something positive?

The founder and CEO Femprow, Nadia Patel Gangjee, wants women to come up and start their own business. The platform of Femprow is provided to women entrepreneurs to have a safe and secure business environment. Unfortunately, there are a lot of other women who are still in a state of confusion, as they don’t know how to take a START!


Femprow held a training for the emerging women entrepreneurs named as START powered by Radical. The main objective of this training was to answer the main question of by women which states that, ‘I want to start a business of my own but I don’t know how to do it’. START was conducted by Faizan Laghari who is an Entrepreneur himself, a trainer and a mentor as well. Faizan Laghari helped the women to ascertain the right ideas to implement, choosing the right and most important actions to take, along with the right steps and small tips and tricks to manage the time and actions. The training was followed by activities such as explaining the concept of business model canvas and asking the ladies to draw their canvas as per their business. The idea of an action plan was also built-in following which they developed their business action plan. The idea of the business model, action and filter was not known but after developing the plans they had a clear picture of what they need to do next. Women from various industries showed up at the training, and their enthusiasm was commendable. A lady was accompanied by her 3-month-old daughter, and it didn’t decrease her morale to participate. Moreover, this training helped women to socialize and also get inspiration from the other ladies.

Women all around the world are progressing gradually, we just need to help each other grow so that we can develop more quickly. The idea is to help each other grow and form an unbreakable chain so that everyone can get benefit from it.